Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot

Murrysville medic Station commented on the many falsehoods and lies Austin Ayers mentioned in some videos earlier this week:

Mr. Carpenter:

“Thanks for taking the time to reach out inquiring about Austin Ayers, who we became familiar with mostly after his short time here. Mr. Ayers did a very small amount of time here during his EMT class. This would have been about 32 hours of student time. He was never employed by Medic One, nor was employment ever offered to him. He didn’t finish his student time here due to other problems we experienced with him during this time. A few months later, we learned of all his other stuff about him and the false statements he was making.

When a person attends a Paramedic or EMT training through a college, they are required to obtain so many patient contacts or hours in an ambulance. So when a college makes arrangements for these students, they are here as a student for that training institute. So again, Mr. Ayers was never an employee or member of Murrysville Medic One.”

Darrick Gerano

Administrative Director

Murrysville Medic One

Lick hill vfd and harmony vfd will be issuing statements on Austin Ayers and the lies he spoke about being a member of their organizations by the end of the week.