It appears that Austin Ayers isn’t the only candidate for biggest fraud and loser in Pennsylvania.

Gather round young ravers and Kandy Kids by the LED gloves for a light show and a story. It’s a warning, and yet another blight on the Pittsburgh EDM scene. Meet Christin Girvin. The man who bullshitted his way onto the Hootenanny in the Hills lineup, and fucked up so badly he was removed from the decks and the stage.

It was by far the worst attempt at pretending to be a DJ that I have ever seen. Memes were made, and this scumbag in retaliation made up bogus allegations against the djs who forcefully replaced him on the stage.

El Jagoff-O was unable to handle the embarrassment, and criticism and thought it was okay to make up bogus allegations of drug use, and rape toward the event promoter and one DJ. Blaming the allegations on “his girlfriend”, he quickly retracted those statements, and wanted to clear things up:

Christian would change his name after the failed set at Hootenanny, but he is no stranger to false allegations, as he was stalking and harassing a woman in 2020 while throwing bad events when the nation and music industry was shut down in 2020, and making up false stories about her being sexually active with him

“Chris Chop” as he called himself at the time, would mock this woman and others that there was nothing they could do to stop his harassment or prevent him from harming others in the Pittsburgh EDM scene. He would later change his name and try to hide from the harm he caused others while throwing events under the name oxygenpgh. In the comments in the above post, he would also attack the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Fast forward to this year, and buckle up baby, cuz it’s about to get bumpy.

Following an Oxygenpgh event at a cinema in which Girvin claimed everyone was ok with not being paid, two out of town headliners publicly spoke out about being ripped off by Girvin by Oxygenpgh not paying their guarantees and ghosting them after two weeks when trying to get paid.

A local Pittsburgh promoter who actually pays their performers and is an honorable person, caught wind of this and posted their disgust on the matter:

many including myself would chime in asking why the performers weren’t paid, and in now deleted comments Girvin would make excuse after excuse, drop racial slurs, and threaten to just disappear and not pay anyone while making a public status from Oxygenpgh that no one performing at their future events will be paid ever again, we joked that he was the second coming of Sonny Mad Raver Sipes from the yester year and would take the cowards way out and hide or try to fake his own death.  Eventually Girvin would relent as promise to pay everyone on Monday. Meanwhile for someone not having money, and unable to pay djs for performing, this ass clown was trying to buy his way into a festival and offering to buy tickets for anyone who would take him.


This brings us to Monday when, Girvin promised he would pay the DJs what he owed them. Inquiring minds wanted to know so i asked a simple question, and off we went into a 24 hour medley of more lies from Girvin pretending to be “his girlfriend” (see a pattern of the girlfriend yet?) advising everyone that Christian Girvin was drugged and murdered by a friend, who was pissed off over this money thing.

This was clearly a lie as being a journalist, I would have heard of something like this across the news wire. The Girlfriend would go on to spin a tale how police ignored their protocols, notified her first before the family, and somehow let her keep his phone when it would’ve have been used as evidence to piece together the “murder” let alone it was amazing how these cops solved this murder so quickly and determined drugs were involved without an autopsy being performed, and no arrest record of this “friend.” Girvin would also use his phone to text friends pretending to be his girlfriend telling them he was suicidal and the change the story to him being murdered.

But somehow with Girvin being dead and all, he was texting friends at 10:17 Pm on Monday night to promote his next DJ performance. A miracle that somehow he could channel his Patrick Swayze ghost powers from the grave using a phone his “girlfriend claimed to have while he was dead to promote shows. The friends called bullshit and the woman implicated in these texts on the fake murder would also confirmed she didn’t know this guy that well, he wouldn’t be coming over to her house, never came over, and she never spoke with him that night. She would also go on to mention how much of a liar Christian Girvin is.

So the night turned into day, Girvin kept fucking around and found out that I reached out to friends and family to confirm his “murder”. They quickly confirmed that all of this was a lie, and how full of shit he is even before I had my morning coffee.

Girvin would then begin messaging me on Facebook from the great beyond telling me how he was really dead and blah blah blah, feel sorry for him horseshit while demanding to know who i spoke with.

At 12:30 PM Girvin DJ EL Fuckboy, began reaching out to people letting them know he was alive and well, and was trying to fake his own murder/death to buy more time to avoid paying the DJS what he owed them.

Showing zero remorse for what he had done, he began deleting all the comments he made in days past, and especially all the social media posts/comments about his “murder” the Oxygen Pittsburgh page was unpublished from Facebook, and he blamed the DJS he owed money to for all the drama.

Girvin would then begin talking and commenting as himself on multiple threads claiming that refusing to pay the DJS, trying to fake his own murder, his racist slurs and more was a test to the scene of Pittsburgh to see who loved and supported him and that everyone failed. I’m assuming he was back hitting the meth pipe and off his medication again because at this point, he was just rambling nonsense. promising to again pay the DJS on Wednesday, and blaming not having any money now because “his girlfriend” spent all his money on Before that the excuse was Pay Pal froze his account for one month after putting the DJS money into that account.

We have no idea if this “girlfriend” actually exists, nor why everything under the sun seems to be her fault. Maybe she’s on drugs too, or a figment of drug induced fantasies by this moron that thinks he’s a dj and promoter.

Girvin claims to reintegrate himself back into the Pittsburgh Music scene soon, and with the way the Pittsburgh EDM scene treats it’s trash, it is very likely this idiot will be back out there in no time, stalking and harassing women, lying to people, ripping off djs, and faking his death again.

in my day, some idiot like this would be taken out behind the venue and received an ass whooping that would make him wish he was dead. In another city, ripping people off of just shy of $1,000 would have a bullet put between his eyes.

The question is if Pittsburgh is gonna put up with this douchebag’s antics any longer, now that he shows he has zero respect for himself, the music, the scene, the performers out there, or respect for women.

ironically this is the second time in Pittsburgh history that a promoter faked their death to avoid paying their bills and/or boost ticket sales. Sonny infamous for throwing events and not paying the talent or having to have other production companies bail him out once pulled a huge NO NO with DJ ICON, and then tried to fake his own death years later to boost ticket sales for his event.

Girvin ahs now changed his name to  Tom Sipes (because being sonny Tom Mad Raver Sipes who was ran out of Pittsburgh is cool for him) and is using the DJ Name Blvcklout

it’s highly advised that this piece of Pittsburgh trash be kept out the scene and black listed for his douche baggery.


You can read my reporting of this in real time from Facebook below:

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You can also watch dj can’t play on the decks suck on the Hootenanny in the hills stage before being force fully removed from said stage below: