Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot

Austin Ayers has rebranding himself as Jay Nomadik, and has been banned for life from TikTok after multiple terms of service/community guidelines violations over the last several months. The final nail in the casket was uploading a video in which he leaked the email address of one of the prosecuting attorneys in the Rittenhouse case. He does have a back up account on TikTok, but it’s only a matter of time before that account gets taken down as well. I omitted the attorney’s email from the screen shot below.


Ayers of course, couldn’t be honest about his ban, and tried making himself out to be a victim while rallying behind the Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent bandwagon on twitter making up another lie about his ban.

Just another day in the deceitful ways and tactics of Ayers.
He’s back in court on 11/24/21 for a criminal case status conference on his charges of Impersonating EMS, theft, tampering with public records, and making false statements under penalty of perjury.

On his other socials, he is still milking the death of Gabby Petito for internet clout.

Austin Ayers (@viralcreat0r) Scams using Gabby Petito’s Death for Internet Clout

Austin Ayers used his fake news site to harass and defame woman who rejected him

Austin Ayers(@thetraumadoc) Lies About His Past Crimes and Convictions

Murrysville Medic Station 610 issues statement onAustin Ayers (@thetraumadoc)

Austin Ayers Public Statements Contain Falsehoods

Austin Ayers (@thetraumadoc) continues to lie about his criminal charges and first responder credentials

Austin Ayers aka @kingvalhallatv aka @thecryptoshowtv Arrested again and charged with Impersonating First Responders

Austin Ayers aka @kingvalhallwsb Pretends to be FBI Snitch

Austin Ayers (@redcoatrevere) and Ryan Focht (@Legoflats) Charged by The Pennsylvania State Police

Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.