Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot

Healthcare workers from around the world on Twitter, and Instagram users got fed up with Austin Ayers over the weekend, and kept calling him out on his lies until he tucked tail, deleted all his socials and ran away like a coward.

Ayers didn’t leave quietly, and before his exit, he began threatening and harassing female nurses online with “His private security detail that protects him”, his “hundreds of thousands of tik tok fans” (tik tok permanently deleted is channel along with his paid following over a week ago.)his lawyers and ramblings about how he’s a big time celebrity. all of this was done on twitter and Instagram, and his posts have been removed when he deleted his socials.
(You can try and catch up on this with everyone else’s contributions to calling him out HERE)

Even his friend Ryan Focht, wanted nothing to do with him or this situation when Ayers tried to tag him into this nonsense.

Ayers would go on to email, one of the nurses he was arguing with and threatening her with a lawsuit from “his manager”named Michael D. Conan in a terribly spelled rant pretending to be official. Simple searches show that Michael D. Conan doesn’t exist, nor was a lawsuit filed “at the end of business day Saturday”, nor was Twitter contacted via Fax machine. Twitter doesn’t handle business by fax.

I wonder where we have heard of Ayers making up people, Threatening nonsense email letters, and more?


In regard to Ayers working at WVU Medicine still, I debunked that months ago, as well as his terminated employment with AHN and UPMC.

Before Ayers deleted his twitter, he went to his Instagram to whine, and gain support, and was promptly served with his followers calling him out on his antics. Ayers claimed he is a “hero”, but he is the farthest thing from it. Heroes don’t harass women. Heroes don’t pretend to be nurses, police, and EMS. Ayers is nothing more than a dumb and scared little kid pretending to be what he’s not because he is desperate for attention and acceptance from others.

He is a coward, fraud, and a liar.


Even a member of Pittsburgh media weighed in on this idiocy over the weekend:

It’s only a matter of time before Ayers resurfaces online under another name, and another scheme/scam.

He’s back in court this Wednesday for a criminal case staus conference on the following criminal charges:

Austin Ayers used his fake news site to harass and defame woman who rejected him

Austin Ayers (@viralcreat0r) Scams using Gabby Petito’s Death for Internet Clout

Austin Ayers(@thetraumadoc) Lies About His Past Crimes and Convictions

Open letter to Austin Ayers and his fake news page


Update 11/23/2021:

Ayers rage quitting of social media predictably didn’t last long as he returned all his social media accounts to active and under hidden/followers only viewing.