Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot

With the countdown clock counting down to his trial on February 7, 2022 for Impersonating Public Servants, Tampering with public records, Theft, and other charges, Austin Ayers has reemerged on social media as CODEBLUETRAVEL and CODEBLUEGUNNER on Instagram, You tube, and Twitch. Ayers is currently still permanently banned from Tik Tok, and hasn’t been seen on twitter since he was shamed off the social media platform for pretending to be a celebrity and critical care technician at hospitals. 

On these rebranded pages and new YouTube, Ayers advertises himself as a travel blogger based out of Pittsburgh, Long Island, Miami, Key West and Daytona, but leaving the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania would violate the terms of his $10,000 bail bond as he awaits trial.

He goes on to claim to be a “Critical care technician at a level 1 regional trauma center”, but employment records shows Ayers is nothing more than a Nurse’s Aide working in Johnstown, Pa in the Conemaugh Health system. Being a uncertified nurse’s aide has a very low bar for employment conditions in Pennsylvania. (of course living in Kittaning, Pa and traveling over an hour to work in Johnstown because the Pittsburgh medical field won’t hire him certainly debunks all of those statements.)

Austin Ayers does not come up as a certified nurse’s aide or a Nurse’s Aide in the Pa Registry.

Desperate moves, from a desperate kid, as his life and multiple years of scams and lies coming to an end in just under two weeks.

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