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Awaiting his fate after pleading guilty on charges of Impersonating public servants, Tampering with public records, theft, and making statements under penalties of perjury, Austin Ayers has reemerged on social media under a new name, same shenanigans, and his trying his way off representing himself as a first responder, libertarian, and doing what he does best: hopping on the latest trends online, and public discussion pieces on twitter and passing himself off as someone that knows what they’re talking about for internet clout, and attention. We of course have all seen this before when he faked a social media conversation with Gabby Petito, and portrayed himself off as one of her best friends.

Ayers portrays himself as a victim of “fake news” and “Misinformation”, but that’s clearly not the case as criminal charges for being a fraud resulting in a plea, and a sentence coming on March 2, 2022 expose that as a lie. Several years of terrible behavior online including harassing women, making up fake news rooms, and running misinformation websites like his new one, certainly also say different.

In his website description he claims to have been a staff writer at a “Large Newspaper outlet that exposed corruption, but no such publication exists, nor are they any articles out there written by Ayers to back up such a claim. Of course the news you wont see anywhere else are usually manufactured in true Austin style as we all seen in the past. The only Staff writer gig Ayers had was as a teenager for the LeaderTimes in Butler, Pa that fired him for inter office issues as well as, hiring teenager to shoot up someone’s house.

Ayers of course did enjoy pretending that he worked for KDKA TV and the tribune review, and would falsely identify himself to police in the past as working for their outlets.


Clearly it’s a new day, but the same Ayers bullshit (The wish version of Jeremy Dewitte) we all have come to see and chuckle at with a clear indication that he hasn’t learned a thing since his recent arrest and charges. He’s not even waiting for his sentence to come down and starting right back up on his delusions, and need to pretend.

As of 2/27/22, Ayers’ new website and other websites have been suspended by their hosting companies for unknown reasons.

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