Ukrainian violinists are joined in harmony by top violinists across the world. 94 violinists. 29 countries. Please donate and help us provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Violinist Kerenza Peacock; “I befriended some young violinists in Ukraine via Instagram and discovered some were in basement shelters but had their violins. So I asked colleagues across the world to accompany them in harmony. And I got sent videos from 94 violinists in 29 countries in 48 hours!! An astonishing collaboration forming an international violin choir of support for Ukraine. 🤝🎻🤝🎻 Illia Bondarenko had to film this between explosions, because he could not hear himself play. Nine other young violinists sheltering in Ukraine join in unison, and are accompanied in harmony by world class players from the London Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic, Oslo Philharmonic, the Hollywood Studios, and renowned violinists from all over the world including Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Belgium, Georgia, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Moldova, Denmark, India, including the entire violin section of the Munich Chamber Orchestra! We have famous fiddlers from different violin traditions including Indian, Scottish, bluegrass. And soloist Daniel Hope who had, by coincidence, once coached Illia Bondarenko . Ryan Dilmore worked overnight(s) to make everyone’s contributions into this beautiful video and Jake Jackson mixed the sound so beautifully, you can hear all 94 praying with our violins.