Christian Girvin, the fool who tried faking his own murder to avoid paying djs he booked, and the same man using the name of fire victims for a fundraiser that never happened  due to fraud concerns, is back.

Reuniting with Arron Hoffman, Guilty of sexually assaulting a minor, and Kidnapping  and using racial slurs against people of color

are teaming up with Arron’s “wife” you may remember her from such fame as children and youth services taking her child and transphobia, then threatening this website with lawsuits that never materialized, and Tori Monroe, most memorable for being a victim of statutory rape, and then falsely accusing others online of rape then publicly retracting those statements as false.

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Apparently Hoffman is too stupid to know how to work a pdf file like those above detailing his charges, so here’s some links to his sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl charges HERE You an also read the court summary HERE
The other charges in the sexual assault of a 15 year old girl HERE and the court Summary HERE

You may also read a news report detailing how the girl was held against her will during a high speed pursuit, and jumped from the moving vehicle to escape Hoffman HERE

You can also read about Hoffman’s prison time, and probation/bail being revoked twice HERE

Of course Hoffman, of I’m not racists cuz i got black friends, and i can call people racial slurs, as early as this week says he learned his lesson, he’s not racist, it’s critical race theory’s fault and his underage rape victims fault for his charges:

You can watch the racist video HERE


seems their all banding together to throw and party on April first in Latrobe, Pa Of course none of them can do anything in Pittsburgh or the Tri State area, as they’re all blacklisted from shows. But they definitely want you to come out to this event already on The Pa State Police, and Latrobe Police Departments radar.


In regards to Not being transphobic, the group idiotically  proves the point for us below. Hoffman refers to his crimes, and prison sentences as alleged charges. when you PLEAD GUILTY to Raping and kidnapping a 15 year old…. They’re not alleged charges. There are no problems with you being able to use the pdf reader above to see all your charges….You’re a convicted rapist, dipshit.

Not racist or homophobic at all:



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