Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot

Awaiting sentencing for Impersonating public servants, and other charges, Austin is back to pretending to be what he is not.




This month’s fantasy is pretending to work for comcast as a brand ambassador, and somehow becoming a network engineer(with no formal education) with “hundreds of thousands of supporters and followers. Comcast of course has no record of an Austin Ayers on it’s payroll, nor do they pay people to be “brand Ambassadors” Ayers was promptly banned from a reddit thread for pretending to work for comcast.  (You can follow the reddit fantasy HERE)

Despite being banned for life on Tik Tok for violating terms of service on his original accounts, he somehow spoofed his way back onto the platform, (Tik Tok is aware of this, and is currently investigating) using a voice changer to alter/hide that god awful voice, but he wasn’t welcomed back with open arms as you can see from the comments.

He also is running a company called Viral Soar, LLC trying to manage people’s social media careers, but according to Pennsylvania Business records searches, Viral Soar, LLC doesn’t exist. Pennsylvania does have laws against pretending to be a limited liability company when you are not, and it’s also false advertising to say so.
At the time of writing, the Armstrong County District Attorney’s office did not respond to emails or calls for comments on this latest batch of fuckery while Ayers awaits sentencing for his last batch of fucking around, and finding out. Meanwhile, he continues to be a laughing stalk of the internet.

This is a developing story, and once I’m able to confirm some other information, that I’m unable to on a Sunday night, we all will have some more laughs together.

Side note 24 days ago Ryan Focht threatened to blow up a Pittsburgh residence I used to live at a few years ago

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