Austin Ayers 2018
Butler County Mug Shot


Austin Ayers was sentenced earlier this morning to 24 months probation for impersonating public servants, and making a false application for a registration/ state title for a vehicle. He must also surrender his drivers license. He must pay fines totalling less than $1,000.


The remaining charges were dropped by the state in exchange for a guilty pleas by Ayers. This ends Talk from Ayers that these charges were “fake” hacked into the pa courts system and inserted by this website conspiracy theories pushed to his small and non existent social media following, and proves that Ayers was lying for years about never being charged, and then only being charged because “people are out to get him.”

Ayers was charged after creating a fake EMS service, and then running emergency lights to run red lights, pull women over, and more.

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Austin Ayers under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.

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