Its been a strange day, but scrolling through my facebook feed i cam across some wonderful work by Clayton Bonner of sharing some posts of someone named Dorian Tripp appearing to try and scam women on social media posing as a photographer. 

Mr. Bonner was in a Facebook group and was one of many asking questions on the validity of the social media post, and asking for Tripp’s credentials and some shares of his work online. Tripp would respond negatively to all asking, and would “only share his work with women” and the 27 models he is working with in Pittsburgh. The exchange would escalate to Dorian Tripp threating gun violence at Tekko convention Pittsburgh, and Tripp verbally attacking and harassing anyone who “doubted his famous work.” #whenkeepingitrealonfaceboookgoeswrong

(At the time of this writing, Tekko Pittsburgh has not responded to a request for comment)

Simple searches on Dorian Tripp by myself and my team revealed no website, or any social media accounts belonging to any business ran by Tripp or anything showing off his work with models or in the music industry as he claimed.  One page originally titled Xarma Official for Tripps non existent music fan page and was changed to Daughters of Lucifer  now dubbed as a modeling agency ran by Tripp, showcased hundreds of photos belonging to various websites, models, social media pages of photographers and other business meaning that Tripp stole the photos and used them without permission or even credit to the original owners. Tripp is using these photos on this page to ask for donations to his photography and modeling work.

As Bonner’s social media posts grew, multiple people began coming forward with their personal experiences, and allegations.


Take a breath we’re almost through these.

When realizing I was working on a story about this, Tripp reached out to me personally:

In between our online exchanges, Tripp would go onto Face Book Live to  tell his side of the story.
full video below, but here’s my favorite quotes if you don’t want to suffer from the original 76 Minute Video there’s some gold in here between attacking ex partners, acknowledging allegations going back years, saying Pittsburgh and it’s people suck despite wanting to work here, and recruit Pittsburgh models. and being all about that pussy.

A quick lesson on how Facebook works:


Wanna be Pittsburgh photographer tells the burgh to fuck off, yet he needs models from Pittsburgh:

Randomly attacks an ex partner from the past for abuse allegations:


Wants you to remember he has a mother when you speak bad of him, but god damn does he get all the pussy instead of all the ugly people who dont’ like him

Discusses Amber Heard trial and any man who defends a women accusing people of abuse:

On men who defend women who bring allegations to light:

Suddenly remembers why he’s making a video:


Why you shouldn’t believe women:

I don’t date big girls, they’re not part of my aesthetic

I need all these models, but wait, no I don’t:


I’mma sue you all:




the full unedited of whatever this was:

For all the talk about not caring bout nothing, it turned into a weird, dick waving contest on status on a social media platform where it’s easy to fake your way on and buy followers, and how much “Pussy he gets.”
Certainly something to be screaming from the rooftops when you’re accused of being a predator of young women.

Definitely more questions than answers. Ya’ll need fucking Jesus and less time on social media images of what you think you are.

At the time of writing, non of the supposed definite 27 models, but maybe 50 have come to Dorian Tripp’s defense across the board. Not a single friend has come out to defend this man. None of his business partners have come to his aid either. There’s zero evidence to suggest that Dorian Tripp also known as Dorian Trader is a photographer, runs a modeling busines, or even has an original work out there.


Dorian Tripp’s social media accounts together are less that 3 thousand followers , and a social media audit of those accounts shows that a lot of all the followers are bots or paid followers. Most of the women, and photographers work that he stole, and claims he’s using with permission of famous models, and photographers has also been determined to be a lie, and those individuals who have had their work stolen are working with face book filing DCMI complaints to protect their rights and work.

Tripp, also now claims that he’s not a photographer, but a model.

Dorian says you can’t argue with screenshots, and I Agree. talking about raping a woman twice while murdering them certainly can’t be debated:



UPDATE 9/15/22:

Dorian Trader reached out this morning with this written diarrhea with more lies: