It seems Christian Girvin and Arron Hoffman, tried pairing up to throw a show in Greensburg, Pa for March 4, 2023, but after the venue did research into the “promoters” that wanted to book their venue, The Green Beacon Gallery quickly discovered that Christian Girvin (now using the name Wayne D. Girvin out of fear for people finding out his past) is a notorious conman who not only attempted to fake his own murder to avoid paying DJs he booked for an event in 2022, but that Arron Hoffman, and his wife Jenna Hoffman are known racists blocked from attending or throwing events in the Pittsburgh area, but that Hoffman himself is indeed a known sexual predator that kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 15 year old,


Christian Girvin, racist, and transphobic people resurface to throw underage party


Members of the public also contacted the venue to express their concerns, and to inform the venue of the past actions of Girvin and Hoffman.
Of course, Hoffman not living in reality, or showing regrets for his past actions began slamming the venue online with false allegations of rival promoters sabotaging his gig, and that everyone was lying against him in a fake review on the venues page. He then would declare himself the best DJ alive in a laughable social media post and blame Pittsburgh for all his problems.

Just another day where people that have fucked around, are still finding out the consequences of their actions.

Both Girvin, Hoffman and all their associates are now also banned from throwing events in the Greensburg area.

Christian Girvin: Coward, Liar, Thief, and His Failed Attempt to Fake His Own Murder