Alternarave Productions staff photo of Brian Showers

Hello friends, and hopefully 2023 is treating everyone well.

It’s been a minute since we did a follow up on the antics of Alterna Rave Productions, and their “squad” consisting of Arron Hofman, Brian Showers and Christian Girvin. The last time I did a follow up on these clowns, they had gotten their show cancelled from a venue in greensburg, and banned from renting venues in the area. (no venue wanted to be associated with racism, liars, and people who tried faking their own murder to avoid paying djs that they booked.)

You may remember Arron Hoffman from previous articles about his racism, and the kidnapping and assault of a 15 year old girl years ago.

Christian Girvin of course (Now going under the alias of Wayne Girvin to avoid people googling his fuckery) recently resurfaced under a new shitty dj name and was thrown off a lineup for a show he lied his way into once other djs on the lineup and promoters realized who he was.

Christian Girvin: Coward, Liar, Thief, and His Failed Attempt to Fake His Own Murder

Christian Girvin and Arron Hoffman Resurface, and Get Banned in Greensburg, Pa

Christian Girvin, racist, and transphobic people resurface to throw underage party

After being kicked out of renting  a venue for a “Alternarave show”, they tried rescheduling the event for May and cancelled the event after no venue wanted to work with them after researching who the members of alternarave were.

I’ve been rather busy doing the journalist thing, but apparently my booking email listed as a contact on my facebook fan page (an email neither checked nor ran by myself) was contacted on February 11, 2023 wiht the subject heading of : “GET FUCKED” by the email account (WHo uses outlook email still?)to be a non-existent legal department and lawyer (too cowardly to sign their name) threatening that they called the police and are suing this website for harassment. My manager, who is also a very busy person didn’t check this email until March 2023 and just laughed in their faces asking, “and how’s that going?”

in the illegible legal department email, the nameless person (later identified as Brian Michael Showers from screen shots sent to myself on social media by people in their “Alternarave group chat” appears to reference an incident in which one of my offices was broken into resulting in theft of gear (later covered by Pittsburgh police) and suggested that they may have been responsible. but it continues. Showers would continue emailing my manager and threaten to “dox” me and go so far as to take credit for a DDOS attack on my website the day an attack occurred in which he claims to have infiltrated my website, and if i don’t take the articles down something bad is going To happen to me. He falsely claimed to insert a back door into the site (cuz if he did, then he could have removed my work himself) Due to the DDOS attack, I filed a report with THE FBI’s Cyber crime division and forwarded along the emails, ip addresses logged in the communications, and the back trace to the iPhone used to communicate with my manager’s email.  My website is also hsted overseas, so my hosting company forwarded all their data to Interpol’s Cyber Crime Divisions. Criminal investigations in The United States and overseas have been opened and are active.


It’s also simple to deduce that Alternalame doesn’t have any lawyers, or even a legal department as this is just broke kids that have been blacklisted from all major events in the Pa region pretending to be a production company, and pulling up their britches to try and seem relevant and adult like while throwing events in the basement of Brian Shower’s Mom’s house. (Brian is in his 20’s and still lives with Mom.)

But who is Alternarave productions aside from having shady individuals involved in their group?

They claim to be a music venue, but neither own any venues, or operate a venue.

They’re a company that doesn’t exist according to Pennsylvania tax and business registries filed with the commonwealth. That means they’re neither a real company,and are charging money for events under the guise of being a legitimate company and neither paying taxes, nor filing taxes. (At the time of writing the Pa treasury Department and The Internal Revenue Service had not responded to email inquiries asking for comment.)

Looking at their social media accounts, Alternarave has a whopping 1 follower on twitter (bot account) And follow 12 people who are Pittsburgh Djs and Promoters who they claim to hate in their group chat messages. The only tweets from the account are 6 attacks on me regurgitating the same bullshit in the emails.

On Facebook they have 171 followers with hardly any interactions and any past events thrown at their houses has had attendance below a dozen people on each event.

Their YouTube channel has zero followers and No content.

The members of Alternarave calim they can’t be cancelled, and that’s not entirely true, as they constantly disuss in their group messages about rebranding to get away from their blacklists and bullshit and start fresh in West Virginia. Of course, promoters and venues in West Virginia have already been warned, and assure me that thus set if Pittsburgh Trash won’t be welcome in their city as well.

As far as Alternafools’ claim that drugs aren’t at any of their events, their own group messages and lie detectors have show: THAT IS A LIE:


But Nobodys can’t be cancelled and that’s what these scumbags are. Nobody’s and Never Will be’s as their actions early on have forever tarnished themselves, their families and their futures. They’re a joke to everyone outside their little circle jerk. and will forever be.

Actions will forever have consequences to them and these toddlers will forever have no one else but themselves to blame for their fuckery.
In then end they have only themselves to blame. but are too damn stupid to realize this, and continue to make excuses, and blame others.