Austin Ayers Rebrands himself ( @austinjayers, and @libertybreaking) and Begins Newest Farce

Austin Ayers Rebrands himself ( @austinjayers, and @libertybreaking) and Begins Newest Farce

Awaiting his fate after pleading guilty on charges of Impersonating public servants, Tampering with public records, theft, and making statements under penalties of perjury, Austin Ayers has reemerged on social media under a new name, same shenanigans, and his trying his way off representing himself as a first responder, libertarian, and doing what he does best: hopping on the latest trends online, and public discussion pieces on twitter and passing himself off as someone that knows what they’re talking about for internet clout, and attention. We of course have all seen this before when he faked a social media conversation with Gabby Petito, and portrayed himself off as one of her best friends.

Austin Ayers rebrands again under Viral Crest LLC (@viralcrest)

Ayers changes his plea to guilty

The Austin Ayers Trial has been postponed.

The Armstrong Clerk of courts office has no explanation or reasoning for the trial postponement, but a source familiar with the case says that Ayers was offered a 6 year probation deal, but first must undergo serious mental health evaluations and treatment before any such deal can go into place.

Even more bizarre is the lack of record of such a deal on official court records.

The Armstrong County District Attorney’s office was unavailable to comment at the time of this writing.

The Trial of Austin Ayers Begins Today

The Trial of Austin Ayers Begins Today

Austin Ayers goes on trial today for Impersonating public servants, theft, tampering with public records and other charges.

We’ll have some folks keeping an eye on the trial inside the courtroom as the trial goes on, and will bring you the verdict when it happens. The trial is expected to last only a few days.

Following the trial we will bring you the court transcripts so you can get the facts of the case as they happened in real time.

You can read below my extensive coverage of this fraud when he came across my desk two years ago with a Covid outbreak scam on one of his fake news websites in chronological order.